Coppo Group
was born at the beginning of the ‘60s when was founded a Society, still working, specialized in metallic carpentry.
   In 1974 the group took over the “ELETROFER” with seat in Serravalle Scrivia and with a more of 20 years experience in the field of the cutting of magnetic lamination for motors and dry (o resin) transformers.
    After some years of experience in this field , the production was enlarged; cutting and assembling lines for distribution and power transformers were prepared, and thanks to the great experience in this kind of working were reached excellent results in the final performance of the magnetic core.
    All this, induced the firms of the group that produced transformers and other electromechanical machines to reduce and then to definitively annull the interior shearing divisions, relying more and more on Nuova Eletrofer aiming to obtain the production of assembled cores with guaranteed 
    The group passed from an initial magnetic steel working of about 1000 Ton/year to the currents 40.000 ton/year for internal production and workings for customers.
Our quality is certified ISO 9002.

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